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Happy Raksha Bandhan Images 2020:

Hello viewers we know that In India we have so many festival for each festival there will be a great reason behind. The viewers who celebrate the Raksha bandhan must download Happy Raksha bandhan Images 2020 from our site and please refer this below Article to Your Friends.

Raksha bandhan Image Hd for download

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan sister tying rakhi to this brother

Raksha bandhan is celebrated in shravana month during full moon day or purnima day
This year Raksha bandhan is celebrated on 03 August  2020 (Monday).

Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond. Thus the bond of protection is called Raksha bandhan.
We celebrate Raksha bandhan to show the bond between brother and sister.

Rasha bandhan Image for brother with quotes

On the occasion of Raksha bandhan there sister apply tilak on there forehead and tie Rakhi to there brothers wrist but some people don’t know behind stories of tying Rakhi.

Happy Raksha bandhan images for download

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Where sister’s tie Rakhi around their brother wrist as a symbol of their love. And There are many mythological stories how this RAKSHA BANDHAN came in the beginning.

Here were getting complete Information related to Raksha bandhan how want to download Happy Raksha bandhan HD Wallpapers Pics refer below page.

Raksha bandhan Quotes 2020

Krishna and Draupadi

According to Mahabharata One of the famous stories of Rakshabandhan from history of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. Once, Krishna’s finger got cut and bleeding in fight with shishupal (an evil king). At that time draupadi immediately tore off a piece of her sari and wrapped on Krishna’s to stop bleeding. Due to this sisterly loving act, Krishna then declared her as his sister. Krishna promised to rescue her from any difficulty, when she was abused by the kauravas in front of pandavas lord Krishna protected Draupadi.

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Raksha bandhan sister and brother Images

Rani karnavati and Emperor Humayun

It is said that the festival gained popularity After Rani karnavati , she is a widowed queen of the king of chittor sent the rakhi to mughal emperor humayun when she was in need of his help.

Beautiful Raksha bandhan photo Gallery

Lord laxmi and Bali

According to the Bhagvata Purana and Vishnu Purana after Bali win a victory over Lord Vishnu, Bali requested Vishnu to stay with him in palace. However on the full moon day in the month of shravana, Goddess Laxmi wife of Vishnu, Goddess laxmi ties a cotton thread of coloured on Bali’s wrist to get back lord Vishnu in return as her wish , Because of lord Vishnu had been protecting his devotee Bali.

Only Rakhi image for brother

Yamuna and Yama

On coming to this story Raksha bandhan followed by Yama ( the lord of Death) and Yamuna. When Yamuna tied Rakhi on Yama’s wrist, Yama blessed Yamuna with Immortality. Yama declared that if any sister is tied rakhi to brother and In return offered to protect his sister.

Beautiful Rakhi pic with Quote

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Raksha bandhan photo pose with brother

we provided one png text of happy Raksha Bandhan if any one want use as a sticker on whatsapp Facebook

Final Words: Nowadays everyone remains busy in their work, but festival like Raksha bandhan brings family members together and spread happiness.

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